Commercial Strength Odor Control Treatment – Quart

  • Attacks and eliminates aggressive restaurant odors.
  • Enzymes multiply for lasting effectivness.
  • Great on Dumpsters, Drains, Grease Traps, and other trouble areas.
  • Ready-To-Use Formula in Quart Trigger Bottles and 1 Gallon Refill.

Bryson Odor Control Technology┬áis a highly developed bio-chemical formulation consisting of a synergistic blend of three selected Bacillus microorganisms. This blend selection of bio-strains is specifically designed to promote optimum enzymatic activity for the production of protease, lipase, amylase, and cellulose enzymes. As a result Bryson’s synergistic bio-strain provides excellent break-down of starches, carbohydrates, tissues, fats, greases, and oils. At last, a bio/enzymatic formulation capable of resolving a wide range of sanitary maintenance requirements in a single product is available.

Enhanced Enzyme Activity
Bryson Odor Control Technology, has a unique bio-formulation that incorporates a new growth technique for Bacillus micro-organisms which produce mass quantities of stabilized natural enzymes. Bryson Odor Control Technology provides optimum enzymatic hydrolization of organics. In simple terms, this achievement provides vastly improved bio-enzymatic performance for the breakdown, stabilization and removal of organic waste.

Bio-Formulation Enhancement
In an effort to provide multi-functional performance, special surfactants, bio-accelerators and masking fragrances were selected and incorporated into this breakthrough bio-chemical formulation. As a result, Bryson Odor Control Technology demonstrates excellent surface cleaning capabilities, as well as immediate short and long term odor control with overall improvement in biological oxidation and removal of organics.

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